What VMware storage software can save thousand of hours?
April 17, 2020

Today, I want to talk to you about some software that was devised specifically to save thousands and thousands of man-hours of management within hypervisor-based infrastructures. Today's storage manufacturers require planning, capacity, I/O patterns, workloads, different types, LUNs, RAID groups, datastores, queue depths, you name it.

That's just to build and deploy storage. That's to say nothing of event and log correlation when there's a performance issue, whereas VMware came in 20 years ago and made it incredibly easy to manage. The compute side of things, storage never changed. We've got the same, old storage sitting out there, supporting hypervisor-based environments and virtualized environments with frankly even more work with less visibility. The Tintri file system is what I'm talking about and the Tintri OS that sits on top of it.

It was designed specifically from the ground up to be VM and vDisk aware. The primary object that we can see in the file system is a VM, so we know about its I/O patterns, its block size, its read and write. Everything that might go into the behavior and the lifecycle of that VM is visible to us so we can manage at that level, we can tune performance at that level, we can troubleshoot at that level, and so when it comes to finding problems or planning, all of that gets much, much easier, just as it did on the compute side with VMware 20 years ago, it gets much, much easier in a Tintri environment based on our file system and our operating system. If you want to learn more about this, contact one of our Tintri experts today.

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