How to be day 2 ready with Kubernetes as soon as you launch
March 9, 2020

We want to talk to you about for a minute is how to get to a place where you're Day two ready with Kubernetes, pure open source Kubernetes, the day you launch. What we at D2IQ have found with many people looking to explore Kubernetes as an open-source concept in the enterprise, is that these individuals, these entities will spend the better part of six to eight months just building out the infrastructure to then do their DevOps initiatives. What we are prepared to deliver and/or partner to help people to deliver within the enterprise is that same experience, but condensing that six to eight months down to six to eight hours. We've got better part of a decade of expertise in doing this for clients within the telecommunications industry, within the financial services space, and even within the US Federal Government. It's time that we bring this expertise and this capability to the mainstream and help individuals like yourself get to day two operations with pure open source Kubernetes on the day you launch. Our goal is to help you focus on building applications, not infrastructure. So reach out to a D2IQ expert today so we can help you on your Kubernetes journey.

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