Why do you need Cybersecurity in your SMB?
April 9, 2020

So today we're going to talk about securing the SMB space. A lot of SMB organizations that we visit on a frequent basis deal with two major issues, lack of budget, and a lack of headcount on the IT staff. Most organizations are around 500 employees and have an IT staff of three individuals. So how can we reduce overall total cost of ownership and increased security? Check Point can provide a solution that's called infinity. Check Point was the first to go to market with a solution that incorporates hardware, software, and support in a single skew predictive spend. If you want to learn more, how to consolidate your security, increase your preventative technologies and lower your overall costs, please reach out to one of our local Check Point experts, Palmiq.

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Why do you need Cybersecurity in your SMB?
Why do you need Cybersecurity in your SMB?
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