How do you secure an endpoint.
April 9, 2020

I'm here today with Check Point Software Technologies. We're going to talk about no longer having perimeter within your environment. Nowadays, employees are constantly working remotely and traveling. Why traveling? They're bringing their laptop tablets, mobile devices, where they go and they're accessing corporate data from those devices anywhere at any given time. So how do you secure these devices and these endpoints? Check Point has a true EDR called SandBlast agent. With this, we incorporate preventative technologies, detection technologies as well as forensics. So secure your users traveling the world anytime, anywhere to learn more about how you can prevent zero days, bot communication and have a full detailed forensics report. Reach out to our local experts, Palmiq, today.

Upcoming Webinar:

6 Pidgeon Hill Dr. STE: 320
Sterling VA, 20165
6 Pidgeon Hill Dr. STE: 320 Sterling VA, 20165
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