10 reasons to use Arcserve for backup & disaster recovery for your business
July 7, 2021

1. Provides you peace of mind for your business

Arcserve Backup provides the fastest and most flexible protection for all your systems, applications and data. No matter how much or how little information you have to protect, there's an Arcserve product specifically designed to meet even your most demanding requirements.

2. Hypervisor-enabled backup

Arcserve Backup can be used to protect data for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware environments. It's easy to use, powerful, reliable and fully certified as a Windows 2012 R2 backup solution by Microsoft, making it the first company in the industry to achieve this milestone.

3. Robust set of features

Arcserve Backup provides highly scalable and flexible options for security, compression, de-duplication, encryption and management of all your data.

4. Meticulous disaster recovery planning

Arcserve allows you to utilize the very best technology designed for disaster recovery (DR). It enables you to plan for DR in a fully integrated manner with your existing backup solutions for business continuity.

5. Recovery Modes

Arcserve's recovery modes give you full control over the type of data you want to recover and how much time you can take for individual workloads and applications, ensuring minimal impact on your business operations.

6. Recovery types

Arcserve provides multiple methods for restoring your lost data including physical recovery, virtual recovery, live-virtual, or server recovery.

7. Comprehensive backup & restore

Arcserve Backup & Recovery provides complete backup and recovery for physical servers, virtual machines, applications and storage to a variety of locations including bare metal restores as well as traditional tape libraries or disk devices for offsite protection.

8. Utilize cloud storage

Arcserve can move your data offsite to the cloud as a disaster recovery option for all of your critical data. It simplifies the migration process, allowing you to take advantage of cloud storage within your DR plans. Cloud support extends from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Microsoft Azure and includes multiple service providers such as EMC, NetApp, Nirvanix and others.

9. Easy to use

With an intuitive graphical user interface, Arcserve is easy for any skill level of both IT administrators and end users. It supports all Windows operating systems including servers running in virtual environments such as VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V.

10. Affordable backup & recovery solution

Arcserve Backup & Recovery gives you the most options and capabilities, and it's affordable. Arcserve Backup & Recovery is the most comprehensive protection for your business, and it's the easiest to use. If you're looking for the best all-around backup and recovery solution or a strategic step forward in data protection and disaster recovery planning, look no further than Arcserve.

To find out how Arcserve helps your business, contact us. For more information about this and other Arcserve solutions, visit www.palmiq.com/arcserve.

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10 reasons to use Arcserve for backup & disaster recovery for your business
10 reasons to use Arcserve for backup & disaster recovery for your business
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