Data Security from Software to Hardware
September 30, 2020

Currently, about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced each day.

The creation and use of data are at an all-time high. In fact, 90 percent of all data was created in the last 2 years. Data is being used to accomplish some truly remarkable things:

Data is even being used to improve sports performance by tracking the performance of players and offering helpful feedback!

But with all this data comes an increasing need for security. As more and more security threats expand, grow, and find new ways to breach your system, new and inventive ways must be created to prevent these disastrous consequences. Especially in sensitive industries, this information needs to be securely protected.

Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated and more persistent. And with the wrong system? They could be more devastating to your work, too. At P, we offer All-Flash arrays to help prevent this from happening. From hardware to software, we’ve implemented all kinds of protections to keep your organization's data safe.

Here’s how we make it happen.

Software Data Security Protections

Maestro, Palmiq storage operating system, is jam-packed with high-performance data services to protect even your most sensitive data. In addition to providing cost-effective solutions and high-caliber performance for complex enterprise workloads, Maestro can protect your valuable enterprise data.

How does this level of data security happen?

All-Flash Arrays and Virtual Desktops

Working with Maestro means you have the option to create a reliable virtual desktop interface (VDI) that actually works, and keeps your data secured from end-to-end. Your users access data via a secure portal that’s easy to manage.

With a VDI powered by an All-Flash array, you have the choice to enable high-level security features like multi-factor authentication, data encryption, password protections, and vulnerability detection and prevention systems.

VDI supported by an All-Flash array provides enterprise-wide security, even if your users are accessing their desktop from a personal device. It keeps personal apps and data separate from your organization’s apps and data, keeping malware from infecting your system. This means your users can access your product or your system from anywhere.

In a new work-from-home world, VDI can expand your offerings, speed up your performance, and keep your data safe no matter where your users access information.

Hardware Data Security Protections

How can your hardware help enhance and improve your security? All-flash arrays don’t just work faster, they work smarter too. Sure, all-flash arrays give you the power to access your data in no time, with fewer latencies and easier data management. But this also opens the door for other security protections that just can’t happen at the same level when you’re operating off of older legacy systems.

Protection from External Malicious Threats

At Palmiq, our All-Flash Arrays encrypt your data while it’s at rest to protect your organization from data theft. We give you audit-ready capabilities and governance of your storage pool so you always have complete control over your own data.

Your hardware can help protect your system from cyberattacks. The increased capability offered with flash hardware means you can mirror and replicate data faster than ever before, locate and eliminate threats, and get your system back up and running in no time.

How does this happen? Data encryption protects your most sensitive data, while mirrored data and snapshots get you back in the game in mere minutes.

Protection from Disaster

Additionally, Palmiq’s All-Flash Array will keep your data going even during a natural disaster like a fire or flood, which gives your business the added security of continuance. Even when the unthinkable happens, your data is safe, intact, and protected off-site so that operations can resume no matter what. Your data is secure from both intruders and other harmful external threats.

A Real-Life Example of What an All-Flash Array Can Do

Health IT Security shared an example of how a healthcare provider system was able to completely recover from a ransomware attack, thanks to an all-flash array. Because of the speed of their system, they were able to take snapshots of the system every 15 minutes and had data encryption for both data at rest and data in motion.

The company was hit with a ransomware attack, but they ultimately only lost about 4 minutes of data—and none of it was hyper-sensitive protected health information data. They then quickly closed the security hole and rapidly recovered from the attack, without the administrative team ever breaking a sweat.

With an all-flash system, you have more data management capabilities and service delivery than ever before; you don’t just have a faster system, you can do more with it too. All-flash is so much more than a storage array, they can be part of your security and recovery plans too.

From top to bottom, our hardware and software combination gives you the opportunity to build a practically impenetrable fortress for your data; one that also allows you to do all the other amazing things you can do with an all-flash array:

Put your mind at ease with Palmiq’s incomparable duo of hardware and software for unbeatable data security and system performance. Or make it a Palmiq Quartet and get hardware, software, services, and support all in one place for premium efficiency. You’ll store, access, and protect more data—faster.

Want to see the impact we can have on your systems? Maybe it’s time we talk.

Data Security from Software to Hardware
Data Security from Software to Hardware
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