10 Benefits of Using Rubrik: Cloud Data Management, Data Management
September 26, 2021

Rubrik is a cloud data management and enterprise backup software. This system is designed to provide backups of all IT systems such as servers, virtual environments, databases and more.

One major benefit of using this system is that it allows for instant recovery. Files can be restored in seconds. This means that if an important file on a server has been lost, it can be retrieved quickly.

The system is also designed to work across multiple devices and protect the company's data no matter where it happens to be. As a result, if a device has been lost or stolen there is no need for concern as the files will remain safe thanks to this system. Similarly, if a worker from another branch of the company needs to access a file, they can do so using this system's cloud storage.

Another benefit is that it also provides information management. This means that if there is a problem with any one device or server then trouble shooting will be made easier because this software contains an index which shows what files are where and what type of information they contain. This ensures that vital information isn't lost when trying to solve a problem and it also means that the company can avoid accidentally deleting any files which are still needed.

This system is designed to provide increased security thanks to its ability to destroy data after backup, but before this happens the company has the opportunity to check everything first in case there are any files which needs to remain intact.

With all these benefits in mind, it's no surprise that this cloud data management and enterprise backup software is becoming increasingly popular with large corporations who regularly need to protect their systems and the information they contain.

Rubrik: Cloud Data Management and Enterprise Backup Software is a cloud-native platform that was co-founded by and launched in 2014. It's mission is to provide automated, policy driven data management through the use of File System APIs allowing for more efficient control of your data and its high availability across multiple storage repositories.

Rubrik works with physical infrastructure like Cisco, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu and NetApp to virtual infrastructure using VMWare. It also works with cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage & Google Cloud Platform Storage.

Rubrik supports data archive capabilities that allow for easy tiering between short-term DR storage and long-term archival tiers (think de-duplication and compression).

Their platform also includes data protection capabilities like inline data reduction, cloud snapshots for fast recovery and replication.

Rubrik supports all major databases, file systems and virtualization platforms both locally and in the cloud. They are currently working on multi-cloud support for 3rd party services like AWS RDS & Azure DBaaS along with other new features like VTL (virtual tape library) functionality, Active Directory integration & information  governance.

They provide all of this functionality packaged together with an easy to use interface for managing it called the Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDM) Platform. This provides full visibility and management of your data from a single pane, reduces the need for complex scripting or programming languages and implements 'backup-less' architecture that directly protects applications in AWS, Azure and OpenStack.

CDM includes self service functionality to manage data & orchestration workflows for business users as well as role based access control to provide a secure infrastructure for protecting your data.

Rubrik provides free 24/7 support through their customer portal that allows customers to open cases or chat directly with a Rubrik CS representative. Their support team is highly trained in both the software and hardware functionality of their platform.

Rubrik is a data management and enterprise backup software company which focuses on bringing their customers the best of breed, "cloud-based" solutions for managing and protecting corporate data.

Rubrik Cloud Data Management & Enterprise Backup Software - Image Credit: Rubrik

Rubrik was founded in 2014 by Bipul Sinha , Arvind Jain , and Umesh Maheshwari, who conceived an idea to develop a Cloud Data Management backup solution for Google Apps cloud. A year later they shifted their focus to provide on-premises solutions for enterprises.

Rubrik was able to achieve rapid growth and has since raised $180 million in four rounds of funding over the last three years with some of the largest Venture Capital firms in Silicon Valley, such as Khosla Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Battery Ventures.

Today it is a company which offers its software to more than 1,000 customers globally who have been impressed with their easy to use interface and copy data management capabilities that allow companies to backup and archive data across datacenters and cloud services providers.

The major benefits of Rubrik are ease of use, cloud data management, enterprise backup software and many more.

With an initial investment of just less than $1 million, the company behind it recognized that there was a need for businesses to have access to enterprise-grade data management capabilities at scale without compromising on performance or value.

This is how Rubrik came about.

For small businesses, it is easy to understand where each of these pitfalls lie, so how is this different for big corporations?

Rubrik's cloud data management & enterprise backup software provides various benefits to large companies in the form of reducing time spent on replication and recovery processes while also improving security risks.

It does this by having a centrally managed, distributed architecture that correlates data and metadata continuously.

This helps improve the compliance of different companies as all their data is backed up and secure without any major changes to existing infrastructure or processes.

Rubrik's cloud data management & enterprise backup software also provides a simple web-based user interface, which helps non-technical users perform tasks, without the need of in-depth knowledge in information technology.

Rubrik helps large organizations with simplified reporting, at both high and low levels.

High level reporting provides insight into the status of data management operations globally while low level reporting helps identify problems with specific targets or types of targets.

The process is designed to be automated so that manual access is not required.

Rubrik's cloud data management & enterprise backup software helps large corporations with integrated dashboards that provide overall status of the environment and specific jobs, reducing the chances of human error.

These dashboards are designed to help administrators monitor tasks across various application stacks or sites no matter how small or large.

Another benefit of Rubrik's cloud data management & enterprise backup software is that data can be replicated to any public or private cloud infrastructure without the need of any complex setup.

This simplifies disaster recovery plans as there are no infrastructure dependencies.

The solution integrates with other vendors' products, including storage snapshots, replication tools, and virtualization platforms, which reduces the footprint of the solution itself.

Rubrik's cloud data management & enterprise backup software is scalable to meet business needs, allowing for high availability and automated load balancing while also helping to reduce downtime.

The solution provides REST APIs for 3rd party integrations while using built-in webhooks to automate workflows across its stack.

There are many more benefits to Rubrik's cloud data management & enterprise backup software, but these are the ones that stand out.

Now that you have a better understanding of how it works and what makes it different from other cloud data management & enterprise backup solutions, how could your business benefit from using an integrated approach?

It is clear that it will save you both time and money while also increasing the efficiency of your employees.

Here is a list of 10 benefits of using Rubrik Cloud Data Management Software.

1)       Data is copied to multiple sites, giving businesses the highest level of data availability and durability in the industry.

2)       Instant scalability allows for an unlimited number of IT admins to work on datasets simultaneously without worrying about performance degradation or backlogs.

3)         Curated data protection is provided with a single click of the button.

4)       Unlimited retention periods are available for all backup types, ensuring businesses are safe from the "Backup window has expired" message that plagues other enterprise backup solutions.

5)       Instant search capabilities enable users to instantly find any file within their backups by simply searching for file names, strings within the file, or metadata fields.

6)       Slack integration allows users to receive notifications when backup windows are missed and restore data automatically via the Rubrik CDM plugin.

7)       Rubrik enables businesses to take their existing storage hardware and turn it into a fully-functional cloud-integrated solution.

8)       Instant BI integrations allow users to seamlessly connect their Rubrik backed backups with the business intelligence software of their choosing.

9)       Custom retention policies enable users to define custom backup windows in order to create more granular disaster recovery processes that meet their business needs.

10)   Users can maintain a disaster recovery site entirely in the cloud, saving time and money on hardware costs.

Rubrik is a cloud data management and enterprise backup software that can be used to better manage large companies with integrated dashboards. It's designed to make backup management easier, but also has benefits for managing data, both on-site and off-site. There are many more benefits to Rubrik, but these are the main ones.

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