Security assessment vs Pen testing
March 9, 2020

At Check Point software, we eat, sleep, breathe, one word: prevention. It is our mission and goal every single day to make sure that every organization that we work with, no matter what the size is safe and secure, and one of the free tools that we offer to make sure that this is the case is our security checkup assessment. Every day I hear from organizations, from your network engineer to your CIO saying, "Oh, we don't need to do a checkup assessment. All we want to do is a PEN test." Well, let me tell you something. It's great to do a PEN test, but there's no reason to ram down the door if the door's unlocked. With the security checkup assessment, we will make sure that your entire environment is secure, that you know what your vulnerabilities are so you can take the next best steps to making sure that those vulnerabilities won't cause a crisis tomorrow. If you want to learn more, reach out to Palmiq, our Check Point experts today.

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