Why you need Arcserve for backup & disaster recovery
September 1, 2021

Backup & disaster recovery is a vital part of any business' IT strategy, and for obvious reasons. If your data is lost or corrupted in some way, it could mean the end of your business. That's where Arcserve comes in; it provides businesses with backup, disaster recovery, and cloud integration tools so that you can rest assured knowing your data is always safe.

Arcserve provides businesses with four key features that will help them be more productive and efficient.

1) Backups: Arcserve can store backups from servers, virtual machines (VMs), workstations, and applications to disk or tape. The backup solution is customizable based on the needs of your business. All you have to do is plug in a server and you're ready for backups.

2) Disaster Recovery: This feature allows your business to keep using its servers even if they go down. Arcserve can run virtualized copies of your servers on a separate set of hosts so that your business never has to worry about losing services because of hardware failure or natural disaster.

3) Replication: Arcserve's replication feature keeps a replica of your data on another host so that it can be accessed quickly in the event of a disaster. This minimizes downtime and enables you to access your servers without losing any productivity.

4) Cloud Integration: Arcserve is compatible with many leading cloud computing providers so you can integrate cloud services with your on-premise servers and data. This helps maximize the productivity of your business without worrying about where to store or how to access your data.

Arcserve is also a great choice for businesses because it provides everything they need in one package, rather than forcing them to purchase several different products as their backup and disaster recovery needs increase.

Why Arcserve is the best backup solution in the market for small, medium, and large businesses:

Arcserve is a backup solution that can be used for both physical and virtual environments. The software works by taking a snapshot of the machine before it backs up the data so that if an item fails to back up successfully, then you have access to revert back to the point of time where the software did work properly.

Arcserve offers a variety of methods for data transfer including  the use of DVD's, USB drives, over the network and via FTP. This makes it possible for you to backup your files or folders whenever and wherever you are!

Disaster recovery is another one of Arcserve's benefits. If your server fails and has no backups, then  the software can be installed onto a new server and you have access to all of your files and folders, as well as settings.

As an IT professional, you must have tough decisions to make about data protection and disaster recovery. Your business needs to know that its vital documents are safe and can be recovered quickly if it were affected by a natural or man-made disaster.

Although online backup is widely used as a method of protecting critical data, more experienced technicians might ask why they should choose another online service over their existing one if it isn't broken. The answer to this question is that in the case of a natural or man-made disaster, all data will be lost and even though your business would have paid for recovery services, without hardware these are rendered useless.

Hardware needs to be updated regularly but while you can purchase new hardware, you can't guarantee that it will be delivered before a disaster strikes.

Arcserve is an IT solution which offers onsite data protection and gives you the security of knowing that if your business suffers from a disaster, your data can be recovered quickly. The software is installed onto servers and protects them by backing up all necessary files to a storage system. If your server is lost due to a disaster, you can use Arcserve to set up the server again in just a few hours, 48 at most.

Arcserve's benefits don't end there though. The software offers complete image-based backup which allows for easy recovery of data from any point in time and can be set up to backup files every hour, ensuring that you have backups available at all times.

The software provides data deduplication which reduces the burden on storage systems allowing for disk-based data protection and also features wan optimization which allows remote offices to access the same image-based backup as head office without having the cost of a dedicated line.

Arcserve has been trusted by businesses for the last two decades to provide data protection and disaster recovery, giving peace of mind and allowing technicians to concentrate on their business instead of worrying about whether or not data backups have been configured properly.

If you're looking for a solution that will allow you to protect your servers and keep up-to-date with hardware, Arcserve is the ideal. It will allow you to backup files every hour and allows you to recover them quickly if they are lost due to a disaster.

Arcserve for backup & disaster recovery

Arcserve is a disaster recovery and backup software platform. It is designed to provide a seamless protection of data against any kind of catastrophe, such as natural disasters or human error. The basic components in an Arcserve installation are the "server" and "client" which protect servers and workstations respectively.

Arcserve supports almost all operating systems and database platforms.

Arcserve includes features for full, incremental and differential backups that can be stored on disk or tape. It also supports image-based backup to allow a complete system state (including applications, settings etc.) to be backed up as a single file which can then be restored without having to install Arcserve or the backed up system.

Some benefits include the following:

- Maximum security of information

- High reliability of data and systems

- Reduced costs (through reduced need to buy system hardware, OS licenses and backup media)

- Easy configuration and deployment

- Ability to connect servers, workstations, physical machines, virtual environments or cloud/online service providers.

In conclusion, Arcserve is a disaster recovery and backup software platform. It can protect against any kind of catastrophe as well as provide features such as full, incremental and differential backups.

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