What is Nutanix?
March 9, 2020


Nutanix is the solution to all of your datacenter complexity, scalability, and flexibility problems as it offers you hyperconverged technology and equipment. Through Nutanix, customers obtain asoftware or operating system that has the ability to reap the functionality of multiple clouds at a time and produce a resultant management system that is scalable and simple yet workload oriented.


All of the solutions featured and purveyed by Nutanix are software defined and hyperconverged, meaning they operate on a virtualized and integrated infrastructure of computing, storage, and networking that are available as a full stack.



There is a reason why so many successful enterprises all around the world opt for Nutanix as it helps them to remain competitive and on top of the game by streamlining their own infrastructure.Here are a few reasons why you should choose Nutanix for your business:



One of the major reasons why hyperconvergenceis fast becoming a popular choice amongst large businesses and companies is because of the utter simplicity it introduces into the infrastructure of the enterprise. It diffuses the complexity produced due to the presence of multiple data centers that all need to work in synchrony.



The Nutanix software is customizable and allows you to pick the hypervisor or hardware that is best suited to your company and work environment.



The central Nutanix operating system makes data centers scalable and easily manageable through a unified platform which hyper converges or consolidates the resources of the enterprise and makes them readily available for easy access and utilization.


Software defined

One of the best things about Nutanix is that it is all software based. This means that all you need to do is run the Nutanix operating system on your existing computer network and voila: you are ready to roll.


Lower expenditure

Considering that Nutanix is your all in one data center solution, you will save up plenty in terms of equipment, specialist,and IT staff expenditure since you will not be needing any of those.


Quicker processing

The full stack allows you to access computing,storage, memory, network in a whim and ultimately makes management a much less tedious process, thus improving the workflow and transfer of information from node to node, allowing you to complete various data center processes and management tasks at a much quicker speed.


All in one

With Nutanix, you can run any application without having to customize or modify your infrastructure according to it, at peak performance and with the highest quality over multiple clouds.



In addition to these features, Nutanix also offers thorough customer support every step of the way and the staff will be there to guide you in every aspect of the software and its functioning so as to ensure that you are able to extract maximum functionality and benefit from this piece of hyperconverged technology that has the capability of making datacenter management an absolute breeze of a process.

What is Nutanix?
What is Nutanix?
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