Tips for Surviving Ransomware
July 14, 2021

Every organization will be vulnerable to security breaches.

All IT professionals hope to avoid ransomware, but this is impossible. Hacking can happen via phishing attacks, sending email attachments that look legitimate, or by stealing login credentials from staff members.

Sophos’ report on The State of Ransomware 2021 estimates the cost to recover from a ransomware attack as at $1.85 million in 2021. This is likely not immaterial and has a measurable effect on the company’s reputation. There is also a toll for those tasked with recovering, who are still working around major issues even months after an attack.

The following tips should help eliminate the consequences of a ransomware attack.

Patch vulnerabilities

Always be on top of all Windows and application updates. If an update must be delayed, you should follow Microsoft’s recommendations for postponing it. The most important component is to keep Adobe Flash up-to-date. This will make sure that if vulnerabilities are discovered in Flash, your organization will be protected.

Don’t pay ransoms

It can be tempting to try and recover the data using any means necessary. Businesses do not wish to lose their information, customers or intellectual property. Paying the ransom is a risky decision that could lead to more attacks, as well as create a new revenue stream for the hackers when they use their earnings to attack another company. Instead, be prepared to deal with the loss of data and do not pay the ransom.

Plan your recovery strategy

Before a ransomware attack occurs, you must review all of your options. This will help keep your staff on track as well as lower stress levels if you have an attack. The goal should be to get your business back online quickly, so practicing and testing recovery plans is vital.

The main concern when planning a ransomware response strategy is recovering from data loss. All of the important documents should be backed up off-site, which can help eliminate downtime by allowing operations to continue without any interruption. It is also recommended to use a cloud-based backup storage service, such as Arcserve, so there are no issues of backups failing.

It is important not to rely on just one type of backup. By using a combination of methods (local, off-site and cloud), it will be less likely that the data can be destroyed in the event of an attack.

While it is impossible to prevent all attacks and data loss, there are a number of precautions that can be taken to minimize the damage caused by ransomware. Your business should have a comprehensive backup strategy and practice recovery plans before any type of attack occurs.

Use your backups

Your best option for recovering from a ransomware attack is to restore from backups. If you have been diligent in backing up your data, this should be relatively easy and painless. Using a cloud-based backup service can help speed up the process by lacking out steps such as restoring locally and then transferring it to the cloud.

The backup strategy is one of the biggest keys to reducing the effects of ransomware. If you cannot recover from the loss of data using conventional means, it is possible that your backups have been corrupted. This means you will need to contact a professional organization such as Arcserve for help restoring your system from backup images.

A ransomware attack can be devastating to any business and could have lasting consequences on its reputation and operations. Having a proper backup system will help reduce the damage and speed up the recovery process. If you are interested in learning more about backing up your data, contact Arcserve today to find out how we can help!

Arcserve leverages sophos' innovative cybersecurity protection to help you save your business against ransomware.  

Sophos is leading the industry in cybersecurity innovations, with more patents granted for innovative new technologies than any other company on the planet.

The latest is evolution of its award-winning endpoint security software: SAVI™. It's a revolutionary innovation that can protect you from ransomware before it attacks.

Its unique combination of advanced Adaptive Behavioral Analysis™, together with predictive protection and its ability to see threats in real time, means it can stop 99.9% of all ransomware attacks before they get started*.

And that's just one of the ways Arcserve leverages sophos' innovative cybersecurity protection solutions to help you save your business from the growing threat of ransomware.

With the release of SAVI v4.0 in 2017, the evolution in sophistication of ransomware has dramatically increased as it is being written by wiz kids using social engineering to trick users into clicking links or opening attachments.

SAVI v4.0 protects against this by including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques to make it smarter and able to detect even the most evolved ransomware, including:

·            New techniques such as leveraging PowerShell scripting

·            Launching from alternative locations such as email attachments or downloaded via an alternate protocol (FTP/HTTP)

Arcserve leverages sophos' Ransomware Protection capabilities to help you save your business against this evolving threat.

Find out how Arcserve's free advanced Ransomware Protection capabilities work with sophos' anti-ransomware technologies by contacting us today!

* Tested versus the industry's top ransomware families (WannaCry, Locky, TeslaCrypt and more) in a recent sophos benchmark report; performance is dependent on the type of attack, and may vary from time to time.

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