Quest Rapid Recovery 6.2
March 9, 2020

A business be it of any size incorporates and employs a fair amount of technology for its operations. This technology might range from anything between a network connection to a database. The database aspect is especially important for businesses handling records of services and transactions of any kind. Therefore, protection of this data is also very important so that it can be fetched and reviewed upon whenever need be. Quest provides services and software to ensure that your database’s backup and recovery plan is rock solid. Rapid Recovery being a very consistent and popular tool also has a very innovative and remarkable development team. They shine as such and deliver by considering all the customer and partner feedback, which helps them improve the service and roll out a new, far better and efficient updates. Quest Rapid Recovery 6.2 has been released and it features improvements to let users manage their Rapid Recovery environment better as well as improving database application protection and recovery. Quest’s Rapid Recovery continues to provide a single solution to protect and secure all of your system and application data along with the following new features.

• Integration with Quest QorePortal

Previously known as the Quest Data Protection Portal, this cloud-based centralized management and reporting dashboard let you oversee all your systems and data using the service. You can now integrate Quest Rapid Recovery into the QorePortal and be able to administer, oversee and manage your backups remotely and anytime with the use of the hosted management console.

• Oracle Support

Your Oracle databases are now fully supported with the new Rapid Recovery 6.2 update as it lets you back up and recover Oracle 12c databases. This added sense of security means that in the event of a power failure or outage, you can recover the entire database in a span of minutes.

• Agentless Microsoft Application Protection

This update does away with the need to have a specific agent to backup and recover your Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server databases. As SQL Server database and Microsoft Exchange are quite popular and often reside on virtual machines, you require agents to access and administer them which this update completely does without.

• Integrated Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Restore

This update is all about requiring fewer modules and applications to perform varied tasks and incorporating all of them within the same application saving users a significant amount of time and hassle. With the new update users are able to perform integrated mailbox recovery without ever needing to open a separate application.

• Cloud Archive

Most enterprises have their database on the cloud and with a pyriad of platforms and cloud hosting services; there are often compatibility issues with recovery software and cloud archives. However, this update supports Azure, AWS, Rackspace, OpenStack, Amazon Glacier and now Google.

Quest Rapid Recovery 6.2
Quest Rapid Recovery 6.2
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