Minimize business risk by integrating disaster recovery and cybersecurity with Acronis
November 17, 2021

Minimize business risk by aligning disaster recovery and cybersecurity with Acronis

This article is to inform you on how you can minimize business risk by aligning disaster recovery and cybersecurity with Acronis.

The first step in minimizing business risk is to make your company’s digital infrastructure secure. This includes making sure that the data stored on the servers is backed up, physically securing all of your devices, and installing an antivirus program. The second step in minimizing business risk is to prepare for disasters like fires or natural disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes). If a disaster happens, this preparation will help ensure that clients are not without service for extended periods of time after the event has occurred. Lastly, it’s important to understand what steps need to be taken if sensitive information about clients is leaked due to human error or by a third party.

Now that you know the steps in minimizing business risk, let’s dive deeper into each one.

First, it’s important to make sure your digital infrastructure is secure. This means having an up-to-date antivirus program and making sure all of your data is backed up regularly. In other words, if your important files get corrupted or lost, you can restore them from the backup. Additionally, it’s a good idea to encrypt all of your sensitive information while it is stored on a device. If data gets stolen while only in transit (between devices), then there is no need to worry about confidential data being leaked.

Second, you should take a look at what your business might do if a natural disaster strikes. If you own a brick and mortar store, then investing in a fireproof safe will help ensure that customer credit card information remains secure even if the building burns down. Similarly, being prepared for major disasters like tornadoes or flooding means ensuring your servers are secure from water damage. In other words, it would be a good idea to make sure your servers are located in the highest possible place within your facility, and that you have enough space for backup generators to keep them running during a power outage.

If a disaster does strike, then minimizing business risk means having a plan in place. Some people might not realize that in the event of a major disaster, your clients will expect you to (at minimum) provide email and telephone support. If they can’t reach you via these methods, then they may decide to use another provider in the future. Therefore, it is critical that you have a comprehensive plan for contacting all of your clients in the event of an emergency.

If your clients’ sensitive data is leaked, then minimizing business risk means having a plan for how you will compensate them. For example, if you find out that one of your employees accidentally sent an email to the wrong person (and it contained information like social security numbers), then your company needs to provide identity theft protection and reimburse any fees your clients had to pay because of the leak.

Lastly, it’s important to understand what steps need to be taken if you find out that a third party is responsible for a data leak. In this case, it might make sense to pursue legal action against the third party responsible for leaking the information.

Minimizing business risk is possible when you use Acronis to back up your digital infrastructure. Not only will your IT staff be able to easily monitor backups, but they will also be notified when backup files are compromised in the event of a virus attack. This means they can immediately restore access to important information in the event of an emergency. When it comes to disasters, the Acronis Universal Restore feature allows your IT staff to restore any file or folder from a backup onto any device. This means you will be able to maintain productivity even if one of your servers gets corrupted during a fire.

What is Disaster Recovery and Cybersecurity?

If you own a business, you need to know how to minimize the risk of losing data when disasters strike. The best way to do this is by using Disaster Recovery (DR) and Cybersecurity (CS) solutions like Acronis! DR means making copies of your digital infrastructure so it can be reused in the event that there is a loss in productivity because of hardware/software failure or natural disasters. CS means protecting your network, applications, system files, and data from viruses and other attacks.

How to Minimize Business Risk by Aligning Disaster Recovery and Cybersecurity with Acronis

Don't let disaster strikes disrupt your efficiency! Use Acronis to minimize business risk by aligning DR and CS with servers, workstations, and cloud services.

The Importance of Backups in the Event of a Data Leak

By using Acronis to secure your backups, you won't have to worry about disruptions in productivity while trying to recover from a data leak! Plus, your sensitive data will be secure in the event of a virus attack.

Steps for Maintaining Productivity During Disasters (including examples)

During a major disaster, it is critical that you and your employees maintain productivity in order to meet client demands. This means having a plan in place that specifies how clients can contact you and how you can get back up and running if a server is damaged. For example, an IT professional might buy tablets for everyone in his/her office and write down all of their login credentials on said tablet (in case the office computer gets destroyed).

Benefits of Using Acronis to Protect Your Digital Infrastructure

With Acronis, you can manage your DR and CS efforts from a single solution. This means there is no need to call in a third party company to ensure that your infrastructure is constantly backed up. Plus, Acronis provides a flexible architecture that allows for easy integration with existing infrastructure at a low cost of ownership.

Cyber Security and Data Protection

The sophistication and frequency of cyber attacks and data breaches is increasing by the day. As a result, companies need to take all necessary steps to ensure that they are protected from these risks. Just as important as knowing what you can do about it, is knowing where your business stands in terms of protections from cyber threats. This perhaps forms the basis of determining the future steps that your business needs to take.

Having to face down a data breach can have potentially devastating consequences for any business - especially for small businesses, which are typically even more vulnerable due to their limited resources. The best way you can protect your company is by ensuring that it has proper safeguards in place against cyber attacks, whether by an external or internal source.

Things to keep in mind when trying to protect your company from cyber-attacks

There are a number of things that can go wrong during a data breach, which makes it hard for companies to deal with them efficiently. Some of the most well-known consequences of data breaches include:

·          Identity theft

·          Data loss

·          Loss of customer trust

·          Regulatory fines and penalties

Other than that, companies also have to deal with the fall-out from a data breach. This includes hiring experts to help mitigate your losses as well as repair the damage done by the attack itself. You also have to deal with your staff or partners who may be negatively affected by the breach. While it's easy enough to tell you what you need to do, following this advice is another story.

Perhaps the easiest way businesses can protect themselves from cyber-attacks is by having an in-house IT staff that will handle all of these issues and more. However, not all companies can afford this luxury and might have to rely on external help from a Security Service Provider (SSP).

In order to ensure the best possible protection from cyber-attacks, you need to work with a SSP that will meet all your business needs - regardless of how big or small they are. In addition to being able to offer you a wide range of services, an experienced SSP will also be able to advise your company on the best practices that need to be implemented in terms of cybersecurity.

However, not all companies can cooperate with an experienced cybersecurity provider. This is where the services offered by Acronis have their place in helping businesses protect themselves from various risks.

The need for Acronis in cybersecurity  

Acronis is a software development company that specializes in data protection solutions. The company offers its services to both businesses and home users, allowing them to improve their security by protecting files against cyber-attacks.

Instead of having multiple backup tools on your computer, the Acronis True Image program allows you to back up everything at once - regardless of where the files are stored. Whether it's on an external hard drive or a USB flash drive, Acronis makes it easy for users to have all their vital data protected from loss, theft and damage.

The same software can be used by companies as a backup solution for its vital data. This means that you can save all your company's important information, whether it's stored in the cloud, your computers or mobile devices.

Different solutions for different types of backup Acronis has a number of products available which can be used to ensure proper data protection for businesses or home users. Some of them include:

·          Acronis Cloud Storage : this solution allows users to store their data in the cloud and then download it whenever they need it. The files are stored on high security servers, which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

·          Acronis Files Advanced : another online storage solution that offers personal users an easy-to-use interface for backing up their data to the cloud. Users can access their files through any computing device, just like with Acronis Cloud Storage.

·          Acronis Files Connect : this solution aims at business users because it allows them to safely store documents on the cloud and share them with clients, partners and employees.

·          Acronis True Image : this software works on both Windows and Mac computers and it's designed to protect your data from loss, theft or damage by backing it up to an external hard drive or a USB flash device. The program can be set up in just a few minutes and you can do everything you need to do with it using just your mouse.

Acronis also offers various products for business users, such as:

·          Acronis Access Advanced : this solution allows you to get remote access to your data from anywhere in the world. It's designed to give businesses the freedom they need when it comes to working on projects.

·          Acronis Backup : this product has been designed to ensure that current and future data is protected. Whether you're restoring files or virtual machines, the solution allows you to keep your business running smoothly even in times of crisis.

Acronis True Image is one of the most important solutions provided by the company because it can protect your data whether you're using a MacBook, PC or mobile device. Acronis True Image allows business owners to easily protect their company's data by running the program on their computers.

Easily restore all your vital information with Acronis True Image  

One of the most important features offered by this product is its ability to restore your files no matter if they've been deleted, damaged or corrupted. The solution allows you to restore any file in just a few minutes and on multiple devices.

Restoring an operating system is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do with Acronis True Image—it will also protect all your other files on PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices. Whether you want to restore one file or all your data, it's easy with Acronis True Image!

Acronis True Image allows users to perform a full backup that includes operating systems, applications, settings, files and folders. This means that you'll have everything exactly the way it was before you started the process of restoring your information.

There are numerous ways to protect your business and personal data, but the best solution is one that you can trust. Acronis has great products for both home users and businesses alike, at affordable prices with easy-to-use interfaces. If you're looking for a trusted online backup service or disaster recovery software, contact our team today! We'll help you find what's right for your budget and needs without any of the hassle.  Do not risk losing valuable customer information by trying to go it alone—call us today!

Minimize business risk by integrating disaster recovery and cybersecurity with Acronis.

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