How To Prevent Cyber Threats - Top Universities Use This Strategy!
March 9, 2020

At Check Point software, we work with organizations every day of all sizes, from your small mom and pop to your Fortune 100 and the one thing that they're always grappling with and the one issue we always hear is "How do I spend my security funds effectively and efficiently while also training my users and making sure that they understand what real threats are?" We talked with one organization that ran phishing campaigns every month and unfortunately, every month people failed those phishing attempts, they were just migrating to O-365 and they decided, you know what? We haven't done a phishing campaign like this in awhile.

So they sent out a work email with a click on this Facebook post, you've been tagged in a couple of photos. And I'm here to tell you about that epic fail. This epic fail was so bad that if it was a real threat from a real hacker, this organization would have been crippled not only losing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of revenue, but it would have been a PR nightmare. This one woman clicked on this link five different times, not only from her computer and her phone, but her friend's phone and her friend's computer, and when she didn't get enough, she clicked on it from her third friend. The worst part about this is, she didn't even have a Facebook.

How do we prevent this cloud guard SaaS. With cloud guard SaaS we will make sure that any phishing attempt will be denied. We'll make sure that your environment is safe and secure. If you want to learn more, reach out to Palmiq, our Check Point experts today.

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