How to make BYOD less scary
March 9, 2020

The four biggest letters in technology today are B-Y-O-D. Everyday corporations of all sizes from your small mom and pop to your fortune 100 are facing the massive dilemma and crisis of how do we protect our users from themselves? How do we protect our corporate assets and data on the mobile phones that they use every day? Well, I have the solution for you. SandBlast Mobile. SandBlast Mobile is the only solution on the market today that not only protects the users from any network that they access, that's potentially malicious. Also making sure that any application that they download is safe and secure, up to date, and doesn't have any embedded malware on it. And I would say the last thing would be making sure the phone itself is compliant, safe and secure. The OSS are up to date and that the data is encrypted. Well, if you want to learn more, talk to Palmiq, one of our Check Point experts today.

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