How to have cloud native capabilities without internet
March 9, 2020

Today, we want to talk about what we've experienced in repeated engagements with customers, which is how to take cloud native capabilities and actually get them to the edge of the enterprise even when there's no internet. Very often what we've seen with our customers who we've been supporting across financial services, telecommunication and even within the defense department, is that they've gone down the path of building cloud native capabilities on the back of cloud service provider capabilities. The challenge with all of this is, the reality of their enterprise, is that there are large components of it that may or may not have reliable internet connectivity. So they find time and again at the moment that internet fails, so too do these cloud native capabilities built with cloud service proprietary solutions. We at D2IQ, have been helping organizations bridge that critical gap and deliver those cloud native capabilities all the way to the edge of the enterprise to make sure we're servicing the reality of the total enterprise that they're trying to service.

This is helping organizations in real time break down the paradigm which is building silos of excellence, one within a cloud environment and one at the edge of the enterprise with a different type of capability delivered to each environment. Let us help bridge that gap for you so that you can build capabilities one way, scale to the entirety of your enterprise without concern about whether or not internet is a reliability. This is what we've been doing for customers across those segments I mentioned. This is what we want to do for you. If this is something that is top of mind, reach out to a D2IQ expert so we can help.

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