Benefits of using Rubrik to Protect Critical Apps with Zero Trust Data Security
November 17, 2021

Rubrik: Protect Critical Apps with Zero Trust Data Security

If you're like most people in the data storage world, you've heard of Rubrik. You may even know a little bit about what it does, but probably aren't too familiar with its capabilities. If this is how you feel, don't worry - all hope isn't lost!

We'll be taking a look at some of the benefits of Rubrik, before providing an overview of what Rubrik actually is.

What is Rubrik?

Rubrik is a software solution that uses an agentless architecture to consolidate data from multiple sources into one single system.

By using the Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDP) platform, IT teams can easily search and recover data from anywhere in seconds.

Benefits of Using Rubrik

Here are some of the benefits that come with using Rubrik:

- Ability to get data back within seconds  

- Reduce Recovery Point Objective (RPO) by up to 2x  

- Better data protection when using DRaaS through Rubrik's cloud-native architecture  

- Simplified management of multiple backup, disaster recovery, archival and copy data workloads across clouds or on-premise

How does it work?

The way that the platform works is by the use of a three-node system: one primary, and two secondary nodes. The primary node is the only one that requires direct access to your public cloud (or on-premise) data sources via port 443, but the secondary nodes can be managed remotely.

Why should I use it?

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider Rubrik for your data management needs:

- Large organizations can keep their on-premise and public cloud data on the same interface  

- Only pay for Rubrik's services while you're actually using them (no overhead of IT staff required)

- Ability to search across all backup, archival or copy data sources in a single policy-driven workflow

Who is the target audience for this blog post - who would want to read it and why?

Since there are a lot of benefits that can come from using Rubrik, anyone in the data storage world could be interested in learning more about how it works and its capabilities. That being said, some audiences might be more interested in learning about this particular solution than others:

- IT Managers

- System Administrators

- Anyone responsible for managing data storage infrastructures (including CTOs, CIOs, etc.)

Rubrik offers the most appealing enterprise cloud data management solution on the market. With their patented auto-tiering technology, Rubrik offers Organizations an affordable, easy way to protect and recover their critical business data with just one click.

Rubrik Cloud Data Management is a software platform that provides an organization's IT department with backup capabilities for all of their workloads. The platform provides data management services, including backup and restore, replication for disaster recovery, archival capabilities, search and copy data to S3.

The Data Management Platform is built with an open API that allows integration into any leading cloud or on-premise application. This includes Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google G Suite, or any Virtual Machine (VM) for Linux/UNIX/Windows that runs in your On-premises data center.

The Rubrik Cloud Data Management solution is an end-to-end cloud platform built with the most innovative technology available on the market today. The enterprise features provide unlimited scale with minimal footprint, simplified data protection for any application or data type, and instant recovery of all enterprise applications and data types.

One of the key advantages to Rubrik is that their software platform is built with an open API that allows integration into leading cloud apps like Office 365 Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google G Suite. This allows the end user to manage every element of their cloud data protection in one place.

Rubrik’s platform is built with patented auto-tiering technology, which automatically moves replicates data between on-premises arrays and public cloud storage tiers depending upon policy—eliminating the complexities of traditional backup software for organizations looking to get the most out of their cloud initiatives.

Benefits of using Rubrik: Unlimited scalability with minimal footprint End-to-end protection for all applications and data types Instant recovery of enterprise applications and data No disruption to current environment, easy transition Integrates into leading cloud apps like Office 365 Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google G Suite Open API for easy integration into existing IT infrastructure A flexible, simple interface with detailed audit trails

Rubrik has been a strong player in the technology sector since its inception in 2014. Having recently exceeded 100 employees and expanding their business offerings to include both Virtual Reality and Big Data Analytics, Rubrik is on a hot streak that won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Rubrik has a proven track record of transforming the way companies operate and have revolutionized data management with one easy to use, click of a button.

Disaster-recovery protection is a priority for any organization, but the cost and difficulty of creating an effective DR strategy has limited its adoption. Organizations must now re-evaluate their strategies, as Rubrik offers both data management and disaster recovery capabilities that are simple to deploy, use, and manage.

Rubrik may be deployed as a native cloud appliance for simple, scalable DR with a single pane of glass for management.

Rubrik has evolved the traditional backup approach to be more efficient and simpler. By leveraging cloud infrastructure, Rubrik's Cloud Data Management platform allows customers to implement an agile disaster recovery plan that provides lower RTOs and RPOs compared with legacy solutions. It also delivers all the benefits of a modern data management platform, such as instant access to any application, self-service DR testing and re-protection with cloud snapshots, intelligent workload balancing for production environments, VM boot from backup and secondary file systems for VMware VVols.

The Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform is designed to help organizations shift their focus away from the legacy approach of managing multiple point products and instead focus on the most important tasks: implementing modern data management that protects, manages, and secures their applications.

As more businesses adopt cloud infrastructure for cost savings and efficiencies, they create new challenges when it comes to ensuring availability and protecting business-critical data. Implemented as a native cloud appliance, the Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform is simple to deploy and delivers powerful RTOs and RPOs that are generally much lower than what you can expect from traditional backup.

Rubrik is a cloud data management company that offers an enterprise backup and recovery solution.

Rubrik is a great choice for IT Directors and CIOs looking for a way to protect their data and meet compliance requirements.

Centralized management is easily achieved with the Rubrik GUI or API-driven control plane, making it a cinch for administrators to store data across multiple platforms whether on-site or at a public cloud provider.

The company has quickly gained market share in the small and medium business space.

3 Ways that Rubrik Benefits Customers:

1. One-click recovery of emails, files, databases, and virtual machines

2. Simplified data management; no need to use multiple tools for all your data protection needs (including management)

3. Inexpensive compared to other cloud backup options

Rubrik works by using technology that can quickly recover lost or deleted files, emails, virtual machines and databases.

It is a great option for SMBs who don't want to pay expensive prices just to backup their data in the cloud.

This makes Rubrik a great option for companies and individuals in need of a quick and easy way to recover lost or deleted data.

It is also notable that Rubrik offers the ability to restore the data directly into Office 365, allowing it to be even more accessible than before.

A list of some other features that help make Rubrik an attractive choice are available on the company's website .

The success of this company has enabled it to be highly competitive in the data protection market, which is expected given its track record for reliability and ease-of-use.

You can protect critical apps with Zero RPO and achieve instant recovery without requiring any downtime.

You can improve security by automating data access, encryption, and compliance controls across your applications and data silos.

Shrinking backup windows and slashing storage costs with zero-footprint backups in the cloud and on-premises.

Data management through a single pane of glass, regardless of data location.

Easily migrate data between public clouds for disaster recovery with instant Hyper-V Recovery.

Businesses are increasingly adopting private cloud computing strategies to provide more agile services to their customers through rapid deployment, scalability and flexibility. The next frontier is the ability to continuously deliver high quality, tested software with agility that is characteristic of the cloud.

One method for doing this is Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), in which all code changes are automatically tested and integrated into a build pipeline, which in turn automatically creates an update package that can be installed to production servers. This enables enterprises to respond to market demands much more quickly than ever before.

Rubrik is the industry's first cloud data management company to enable enterprises to meet stringent requirements for security, speed and scalability in software development.

With the benefits of data management and disaster recovery, it's easy to see why Rubrik is a great choice for IT Directors. With so many features that are designed with customer satisfaction in mind, you'll be glad to have found this company. One way customers can take advantage of these features is by using Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) services offered through Rubrik.

It offers continuous delivery which helps companies meet stringent requirements for security, speed and scalability when developing software; making them an attractive option for businesses looking to provide more agile service offerings at all times.

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