An open letter for anybody trying to use Kubernetes
March 9, 2020

Allow this video to serve as an open letter to anybody trying to realize a Kubernetes dream in the enterprise. Right now, Kubernetes is one of the hottest pieces of technology on the planet. Organizations are clamoring to find ways to operationalize Kubernetes for their enterprise. The intrinsic challenge we're finding a D2IQ is where folks are deciding to get their Kubernetes from. You can turn to a public cloud provider or a traditional monolith to get it, but the intrinsic challenges, you're not getting the pure stuff. You're getting a version of Kubernetes that is entirely proprietary and doesn't deliver on one half of the promise that is agnostic to infrastructure and controlling your own destiny. We at D2IQ, want to help make that Kubernetes dream a reality for you, but based upon the pure open source version of Kubernetes, the one that millions around the world are contributing to day in and day out, so you not only get Kubernetes in the enterprise that is truly agnostic to infrastructure, but is also capturing that game breaking innovation that is being contributed by the open source community on a daily basis. Reach out to a D2IQ expert today so we can help you make your Kubernetes dreams a reality.

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An open letter for anybody trying to use Kubernetes
An open letter for anybody trying to use Kubernetes
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