10 Reasons Why You Need Acronis® Cyber Backup
November 17, 2021

In today's connected world, data is the new oil. Acronis Cyber Backup is a cloud-based backup solution that ensures your data and businesses are always protected.

A recent survey of Acronis users found that Acronis customers have many reasons to leverage Acronis technology into their most critical business processes:

1. Acronis customers have realized Acronis makes it easy to backup all of their important data – Acronis customers have a strategy for all of their different types of data, including Acronis Cloud Backup for critical business-critical data and Acronis Snap Deploy for personal files.

2. Acronis is the most affordable way to protect everything – Acronis customers can protect Windows servers, desktops, laptops and Macs all with Acronis. Acronis is offering new pricing tiers that let you back up an unlimited number of PCs and Macs for one price. Acronis' new subscription pricing gives even the smallest businesses the most affordable way to protect everything .

3. Acronis protects Acronis customers from ransomware – Acronis backup technology is known for not only backing up data but also for protecting against ransomware . Acronis anti-ransomware protection safeguards businesses from getting ransomed.

4. Acronis gives Acronis customers peace of mind with offsite backups – Acronis Cloud Backup is a secure, offsite backup of Acronis customers' data. Acronis Cloud Backup also makes it easy to get back up and running in the event of a disaster.

5. Acronis protects Acronis customers' valuable data from disasters – Acronis backup technology reduces downtime, which means Acronis keeps Acronis customers' businesses running. Acronis was trusted to protect the data of over 300,000 Acronis users affected by Hurricane Matthew . Acronis Cloud Backup helped Acronis customers crank up their backup systems in seconds and be able to get back up and running quickly once power returned - even across multiple geographic locations. Acronis backup can be set to run without any action required from Acronis users; Acronis does everything automatically, so Acronis users get back up and running in no time.

6. Acronis protects your data against ransomware attacks – Acronis Cloud Backup is a secure backup solution that safeguards data against all types of threats. Acronis protects Acronis customers' data against malware attacks and ransomware. Acronis has even doubled its anti-ransomware protection to make sure Acronis customers are protected from the latest versions of ransomware .

7. Acronis makes it easy for Acronis users to access their data - Acronis Cloud Backup comes with Acronis AnyData engine, which is a cloud data transfer service. Acronis AnyData delivers business-class Acronis technology to Acronis' customers at the same price as Acronis Cloud Backup, making it easy for Acronis users to access their data in the cloud or onsite. Acronis AnyData is a great way to use Acronis Cloud Backup for offsite data protection and on-site access of Acronis backups.

8. Acronis is the best solution to protect Acronis customers' virtual machines, OS images and containers – Acronis protects Acronis customers' Hyper-V VMs, VMware VMs and Acronis customers' Acronis-based virtual machines. Acronis Cloud Backup also protects Acronis containers and Acronis images. Acronis provides the most complete data protection solution for Acronis endpoints .

9. Acronis backups are truly "set it and forget it" – Acronis backups run automatically in Acronis Cloud Backup and Acronis backups require no Acronis user action. Acronis is the easiest way to protect data from ransomware: Acronis backup versions new components daily, so Acronis customers can restore their backed-up data if it becomes compromised by ransomware or any type of malware.

10. Acronis keeps Acronis customers' data safe in the cloud or onsite - Acronis backups are secure and permission-based. Acronis Cloud Backup is a secure backup solution that delivers Acronis backups to Acronis customers through Acronis AnyData service, letting Acronis users choose where they want their data stored and how they want to get their Acronis backups.  Acronis backups are delivered securely to Acronis customers' cloud accounts, Acronis Cloud Backup instances or Acronis Storage.

How Acronis Cyber Protection Platform protects against cyberthreats

Cybercriminals have become extremely sophisticated in their attacks. They take advantage of the fact that many businesses and individuals are still not as diligent about protecting themselves and their data as they could be. Acronis' Acronis Cyber Protection Platform is designed to help you protect against threats that leverage ransomware, social engineering and the like. Acronis Cyber Protection Platform protects against advanced cyberattacks by detecting, stopping and preventing them from happening in the first place.

Acronis Cyber Protection Platform does this through Acronis behavioral analysis combined with Acronis Active Protection technology, which can be deployed on-premises or in a cloud environment to protect against malware at all layers of your organization's infrastructure, including physical security (such as endpoints), network communication and applications to identify and contain advanced cyberthreats.

Acronis Cyber Protection Platform is built around Acronis' Behavioral Analysis Engine – a proprietary machine learning system that continuously analyzes new and unknown files for malicious intent 24/7 across multiple sources of threat intelligence. Acronis leverages Acronis engineers with deep expertise and global threat intelligence to identify digital fingerprints of known threats, which are then combined with Acronis' non-signature detection technology. Acronis Active Protection technology utilizes behavioral analysis to detect advanced cyberattacks in real-time across your entire infrastructure – cloud-based or on-premises.

Acronis Active Protection Technology monitors all activity to stop attacks in progress before they can cause further damage or propagate. Acronis Active Protection Technology builds a defense wall that stops attackers from taking over files, hijacking sessions, stealing data and destroying valuable processes including databases and applications. Acronis also provides 24/7 malware cleanup support for businesses that do not have their own IT department or sufficient in-house expertise. Acronis Active Protection technology is based on Acronis behavioral analysis combined with Acronis artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, RASP (Real-time Acronis Secure Platform) and Acronis behavior-based anti-exploit protection that can be deployed anywhere to protect against data breaches: physical security (endpoints), network communication and applications.

10 Reasons Why You Need Acronis® Cyber Backup

Acronis Active Protection Technology detects, stops and automatically cleans malicious activities in real time across all of your infrastructure – cloud or on premises. Acronis' non-signature detection technology protects your systems by blocking cybercriminals from gaining access to your computer systems through exploits, infected websites or email attachments. Acronis' file encryption technology Acronis Active Protection Technology protects against file encryption ransomware attacks, including WannaCry and Petya attacks.

Acronis Backup 12 provides both Acronis Active Protection Technology and Acronis Cloud Intelligence to protect servers, endpoints, storage devices and applications on premises or in the cloud. Acronis helps ensure that all of your data is protected – Acronis Backup & Acronis Backup Advanced provide security-focused backup for Microsoft Hyper-V as well as backup for VMware vSphere virtualization environments via Acronis VDP (Acronis Virtual Disk Provider).

Acronis Backup Advanced also provides the ability to transfer backups into public clouds such as Azure and Google Cloud using Acronis' File Sync functionality, so Acronis Backup Advanced and Acronis Backup Cloud can work together to protect against ransomware, even if the Acronis cloud service is not used. Acronis' file sync technology

Acronis Sync also helps protect backups from cyberattacks by sending encrypted files to Acronis Cloud Storage or Acronis Storage via a direct link or any public cloud storage provider supported by Acronis with no internet connection required.

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10 Reasons Why You Need Acronis® Cyber Backup
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