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1. How to simplify your backup strategy so you can spend less time managing backups and free up time

2. How to easily reduce your storage footprint by 20x so you can stop spending on storage which means you can have more budget for other projects

3. Recover from any full-site disaster in under 20 minutes with this strategy


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Find Out What Highly Successful Private and Public Companies Are Using For Backup & Disaster Recovery

Discover Top Backup & Disaster Recovery Software & Hardware Products Used By Industry Leaders

Learn Little Known Secrets That Help Streamline All Backup & Disaster Recovery Strategies

Get Crucial Knowledge That Could Helps CIOs and IT Directors Save Thousands Of Hours On Backups

Key Topics Covered... All In Under 30 Minutes!

🔥 Data Loss Prevention so you can protect business-critical data from being damaged or destroyed which means you won't have to worry about corrupted files ever again.

Minimize Downtime so you can restore business operations quickly with a near zero RPO and RTO which means you save thousands in company data and money.

Manage Legal Compliance Risk so you can simplify legal discovery and compliance audits which means you won't have to worry about legal hardships.

Reduce IT Complexity so you can cut storage capacity requirements and manage data protection from a single pane of glass.

Cut Data Protection Costs so you can reduce both operating (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX) which means you will have more budget for other projects.

🔥 Eliminate Data Loss from Cyber-Attacks & Ransomware so you can fortify your business systems and applications against downtime and data loss from malicious threat.

Increase Stakeholder Transparency and use advanced reporting and analytics to build confidence and consensus amoung data protection stakeholders.

Manage And Protect Cloud Workloads so you can transform your IT infrastructure with multi-cloud and cross-cloud data protection which means you can spend less time with your backups.

🔥 Protect Microsoft Office 365 Data and finally gain control and fully safeguard your cloud data with the most feature-rich and easiest-to-use backup and granular recovery for office 365.

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